“Sunset Capone’s music grabs you and pulls you into his journeys.” 

New Jersey native Sunset Capone merges powerful elements of anger, passion, and despair, and in turn creates music that blends modern Rap elements with Rock intricacies. “Dark poetic-vibes blended with some trap parts, and sharp, punctual, and flawless flows prove his talent, and skills to compose some real bangers out there.”

- BRIGLIADORRICHARDSON, Thissongissosick.com) 

His music tells a series of stories that grab you and pull you into his journeys. Sunset Capone’s beats all share electronic elements while maintaining individuality from one track to the next, playing off the smooth vocals. Inspiration for his music is on a wide spectrum, ranging from Disturbed to Lil Peep. 

For Sunset Capone, his lyrics are sourced from painful experiences. Every track is a page in his book of life stories. “Over a sophisticated soundscape, Sunset Capone is slowly but surely building a rock solid structure from which to propel himself into higher artistic dimension in the very near future”

- Evette Sarah Johnson, Groovytracks.com)